Michael Janich Seminar Schedule


The locations of Michael Janich’s seminars are based on the support of motivated sponsors and hosts. Seminar locations have also been chosen to provide training opportunities in all regions of the U.S. to make MBC training as accessible as possible. This schedule will be updated regularly as new events are confirmed.

Please note that the hosts of each individual seminar are responsible for student registration, so please contact them directly.

For those interested in sponsoring a seminar in your area, I encourage you to contact my Certified, Associate, and Affiliate Instructors to organize training events with them. Contact information for all authorized MBC instructors is included on the Authorized MBC Instructor section of this web site.


March 3-4, 2018: Michael Janich/Fred Perrin Combined Seminar, Friedrichshafen, Germany

This extraordinary event will feature both Michael Janich and acclaimed French combatives instructor Fred Perrin in one dynamic seminar. Janich’s instruction will focus on his Counter-Blade Concepts (CBC) system of empty-hand defenses against knife attacks. With both criminal and terrorist edged-weapon attacks on the rise, the proven skills and tactics of CBC are critically important to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.

In addition to being the premier tactical knifemaker in France, Fred Perrin is also one of the world’s leading experts in street Savate, combatives, knife fighting, and the practical use of improvised weapons. His instruction during this seminar will include aspects of all of these skills and the secrets of combining them into a fluid, dynamic, personal defense skill set.

This is a rare opportunity to train with two of the most sought-after self-defense authorities in the world. For registration information, please contact:

Horst-Dieter Stadler
Telephone: 0049-170-2817754

March 23-25, 2018: Practical Self-Defense with Knives – Martial Blade Concepts Core Skills Course, Okeechobee, Florida

Hosted by Florida Firearms Training, this course will present comprehensive instruction in the critical skills of using a folding knife in personal defense. It is also designed to allow experienced MBC students to build on their foundation of skill to develop advanced tactics and reflex training drills.

Days one and two of this course will focus on the logic and core skills of the Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) system, including:Recognizing common street attacks and programming effective defensive responses

  • Defensive knife selection
  • Knife carry options
  • High-speed knife deployment
  • Efficient cutting dynamics
  • Quantifying the destructive capacity of the knife
  • Vulnerabilities of human anatomy
  • The myths and realities of knife stopping power
  • MBC’s “go-to” tactics and critical skills

This course will also include selected skills from Janich’s Counter-Blade Concepts (CBC) system of empty-hand defenses against edged-weapon attacks, how to use these skills to survive long enough to “earn” your weapon draw, and how to use CBC skills as a foundation of close-quarters knife tactics.Day three will address progressive skill development to push the performance of all students to the next level. This training builds upon the fundamentals introduced during days one and two (or through previous MBC training), introducing more advanced MBC skills and tactics and teaching you how to hone your reflexes through high-intensity partner training drills. These dynamic drills involve high repetitions of critical skills while experiencing controlled stress and are an incredibly powerful method of skill and reflex development. Designed to be fully scalable to the students’ abilities and pace of learning, day three will also focus on the finer points of knife carry and deployment and the integration of unarmed skills, weapon deployment, and knife application.
For more information, visit Florida Firearms Training’s web page.April 14-15, 2018: “Pacific Blades” Martial Blade Concepts Advanced Skills Course, Costa Mesa, California

This intensive two-day course is designed to build on a foundation of core skills to take your practice of MBC to the next level. Michael Janich will refine your understanding of the fundamental defensive applications of MBC and show you how to hone your reflexes through the use of high-speed partner training drills. He will also introduce advanced MBC applications, and back-up tactics, as well as the skills of high-speed knife deployment. In addition to standard-grip skills, this course will also include aspects of MBC’s reverse-grip system and its application with less-lethal weapons like tactical pens, Kubotans, and flashlights.

For more information or to register, please visit: Gebhard Solutions or contact Uli Gebhard at 714-726-6105 or .

September 7-10, 2018: Martial Blade Camp 2018, YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, Colorado

The 16th annual Martial Blade Camp will present 36 hours of instruction in all aspects of the MBC and CBC curricula. This event is specifically designed to enhance the skills of both advanced practitioners and novice participants. To maximize the benefits of the training, all participants are required to become at least somewhat familiar with the basic logic and fundamental concepts of MBC before attending.

The 2018 event will focus on hard-core skill development, practical street applications, and advanced training methodologies. It will also include instruction in specialized topics outside the scope of the MBC/CBC systems, including unarmed and improvised weapon tactics and other topics of student interest.

Tuition for Martial Blade Camp is $700.00 and includes full participation in all training, a generous camp souvenir package, and eligibility for all prize giveaways during the event. Lodging is not included in the price of tuition. Once officially registered for camp, participants will be allowed to book rooms from a block of rooms specifically reserved for our group. This lodging includes all meals during the event.

Registration for the camp requires the completion of a liability waiver and a deposit of $300.00. To request a copy of the waiver, please e-mail info@martialbladeconcepts.com. The deadline for standard registration is 1 June 2018. For more detailed information, please consult the MBC Camp page on this web site.