MBC Distance Learning Program

Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) is one of the most practical, effective, and scientifically sound systems of self-defense ever developed. It combines the proven edged-weapon tactics of the Filipino martial arts, the destructive power of modern high-performance knives, and an in-depth understanding of human anatomy to yield a system of programmed reactions that can quickly and decisively disable even the most determined attacker.

Unfortunately, MBC has one critical flaw: There aren’t enough qualified instructors to share it with the thousands of people who want to learn it.

Previously, the next best thing to studying MBC with an authorized instructor was the Martial Blade Concepts video series from Stay Safe Media. Professionally shot and produced by fully certified MBC instructor Michael Rigg, these videos faithfully document the MBC system and its instructional methodology. For seasoned martial artists with a good analytical eye, these videos are all that’s necessary to learn the core skills and tactics of MBC. However, for less experienced martial artists or those who want to progress through their study even faster, conventional instructional videos may not be enough. Fortunately, there’s now an even better solution: the MBC Distance Learning Program.

I developed the Distance Learning Program (DLP) to bridge the gap between the conventional training perspective and the ideal learning environment—a private lesson. Think about it—when you attend a traditional seminar or watch an instructional video, you stand back and observe the instruction from a “third-party” perspective. While you may understand the basic concept and mechanics of the technique, you see it with a flat, two-dimensional view that’s difficult for your brain to process and your body to replicate. In a private lesson, however, you’re up close and personal. You not only get a closer view of the action; you also see it from more revealing angles and perspectives that allow you to appreciate depth and angles of motion much more clearly. And when you see things clearly, you understand them clearly and can replicate them much more easily.

The MBC DLP combines the Martial Blade Concepts video series with a progression of on-line instructional videos that provide the detailed, private-lesson perspective you need to learn most effectively. With this program, you first watch the Martial Blade Concepts video to get an overview of the information and a general idea of what you’re trying to achieve. You then watch the DLP videos to get detailed, step-by-step instruction in each specific topic or skill. Each DLP video is dedicated to a specific topic and provides a focused private lesson on that skill. As virtual private lessons with me, DLP videos not only show you the intricate details of MBC technique, they also include fine points and additional teaching elements that are typically reserved for my private MBC students.

The online portion of the DLP also goes far beyond the Martial Blade Concepts DVDs by providing focused instructional videos on many other topics—including special interest topics that are often too narrow to justify a traditional instructional video or DVD. To make the DLP even more focused and responsive, students enrolled in the program also have the opportunity to request specific topics to be included in the DLP library. If the current videos aren’t complete enough or don’t address a particular skill, I’ll produce a video lesson to fill that void and give you the information you need.

It is important to understand that the MBC Distance Learning Program is NOT a distance certification program. There’s only one way to become certified as an MBC instructor, and that’s to prove your skills and knowledge of the system during formal testing at my annual Martial Blade Camp in Colorado. If you want a mail-order certificate or want to be an instructor after a weekend of training, this is NOT the program for you. If, however, you want to learn a logical, practical system of edged-weapon self-defense that is scientifically sound, ethically responsible, and consistent with the self-defense laws of modern society, the MBC DLP is the ideal solution.

Enrollment in the MBC DLP includes the following resources:

  • A one-year subscription to the MBC online Distance Learning Program library. In addition to the initial selection of instructional videos, the library will be updated regularly with other videos addressing all skill levels.
  • Access to exclusive non-video instructional materials, including MBC training guides and reprints and expanded versions of many of my published articles. This access alone can save you hundreds of dollars at the newsstand.
  • Online access to the Martial Blade Concepts video series—a $180.00 value.
  • A one-year subscription to the official MBC e-mail newsletter, The Plan.
  • Permanent access to the MBC internet forum and the MBC training community. This closed forum is reserved only for serious students of MBC and was previously restricted only to those who had personally trained with me. It is a tremendous resource for asking questions, establishing training networks, and exchanging information.
  • The right to request the production of videos on specific topics for inclusion in the DLP library.
  • A personalized video review of your MBC skills. You shoot and submit a video of you demonstrating your MBC skills and I will personally review and critique it, providing specific feedback to help you refine your technique and training goals.
  • A $150.00 discount off tuition to one Martial Blade Camp—the premier MBC training event of the year.
  • Special discount offers on the purchase of items from Stay Safe Media, available exclusively to members of the DLP.

The combined value of all these materials and benefits is well over $1,000. Serious students of MBC have paid more than that for a single day of private training with me. The MBC Distance Learning Program makes it all available to you for $500. If you’re serious about learning Martial Blade Concepts—as well as a broad range of other personal-defense skills and knowledge—the MBC Distance Learning Program annual subscription is definitely for you.

If an annual investment is too much of a commitment right now, you can also enroll in the DLP on a month-to-month basis. For only $24.95 per month, you can have full access to all the DLP’s private-lesson instructional videos, additional training materials, a subscription to The Plan newsletter, and MBC’s exclusive internet forum. You can also cancel your subscription at any time.  Click here to enroll or learn more about the MBC DLP Monthly Subscription.

The delivery system for the DLP is an online platform called Platform Purple. This platform is the preferred choice of many suppliers of online instructional videos, including Black Belt magazine video division and Paladin Press. When you purchase the MBC DLP, you purchase from Platform Purple. Your credit card will be processed by them and all technical support will also be provided by them. Purple works by having you download a video player application that works with your laptop computer, desktop computer, tablet, or phone and allows you to view videos on any of these devices (including multiple devices per buyer). You also have the option of streaming your videos while you have access to an internet connection or storing them on your device for offline viewing.

If you would like to learn more about how Platform Purple works before you invest in the DLP, please visit the help page on their web site. Again, please understand that Platform Purple will be responsible for all support and technical issues—not me or Stay Safe Media. To get a better idea of what the DLP will look like and learn a little more about it, please take a look at the introductory video.

Thank you for your interest in the MBC Distance Learning Program! I look forward to training with you!

Michael Janich

Founder and Lead Instructor
Martial Blade Concepts, Counter-Blade Concepts Damithurt Silat, Sobadiwan Eskrima