2017 Martial Blade Camp


Martial Blade Camp is the largest annual MBC training event. It is designed to provide MBC alumni and first-time participants with the opportunity to learn and refine core MBC and Counter-Blade Concepts (CBC) skills in a highly focused format. It also allows participants to meet and train with other edged-weapon and self-defense enthusiasts while exploring the skills of Michael Janich’s other personal-defense systems that are rarely taught in public.

Attracting participants from all over the United States and many other countries, this event spans four calendar days and includes comprehensive instruction in MBC applications and reflex training drills, instruction in CBC, and training in other selected empty-hand and weapon-based topics. In addition, all participants receive a generous souvenir package that includes a commemorative knife and an embroidered souvenir shirt. Thanks to generous contributions from camp sponsors, participants also walk away with thousands of dollars worth of door prizes during the event.

An intense, immersion-based training experience, Martial Blade Camp is MBC’s premier training event and the best opportunity to develop highly functional skills in the MBC curriculum in the shortest period of time.

The 15th Annual Martial Blade Camp will be held 25-28 August 2017 at the Mountain House in Keystone, Colorado. Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Keystone is located approximately 100 miles west of Denver International Airport.

The price for participation in the camp is $700 per person and includes all of the following:

  • Full participation in all training (approximately 36 hours of training spread over four calendar days)
  • A Martial Blade Camp souvenir package including a commemorative knife, an embroidered shirt, challenge coin, and other collector’s items (to be determined)
  • A buffet lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Complimentary breakfast on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings for campers who stay at the Keystone Inn

Lodging is not included in the camp package. Instead, campers are allowed discounted access to the full range of lodging options available at Keystone Resorts. This enables participants to customize their lodging options to share rooms or condominiums with other campers and/or family members if desired. In this way, you can personalize your lodging and potentially achieve a significant cost savings by sharing lodging with other campers.

Registration for the camp requires the completion of a liability waiver and a deposit of $300.00. To register, please download the waiver or e-mail info@martialbladeconcepts.com to request one. Upon receipt of the waiver, please print it and review it carefully. When you’re ready to register, please complete it, sign it, scan it, and return it by e-mail. Your deposit payment may be made via PayPal to mjanich@comcast.net.

If you prefer to pay with a personal check or cashier’s check, please send it with your signed waiver to:

PMB #206
1716 A North Main Street
Longmont, CO 80501-7413

The deadline for registration is 1 June 2017. Registrations are processed in the order in which they are received and space is limited. If camp registration reaches capacity before the deadline date, applicants will be placed on a waiting list in the order of the receipt of their registration forms.

Payment of the balance of your camp tuition is due by 15 July 2017. The deadline for cancellations is 1 July 2017. If you register and cancel your registration after 1 July 2017, or if you fail to pay the balance of your tuition by 15 July 2017, your deposit will not be refunded.

If you have specific questions about Martial Blade Camp or require further information, please contact Michael Janich at 303-995-8848 or info@martialbladeconcepts.com.